Narrow Backless Outdoor Bench

2015-10-22 13.42.20

This bench fits in narrow places on your porch or anywhere in your yard. It measures about 34″ long by 13″ wide by 18 inches high. Its made with pressure treated wood that will last a very long time outdoors and is compact and nice looking.

The benches are only available through B.R. Warrick Engineering at this site and are built to order. Please allow us up to 7 days to build and ship your bench after ordering. Shipping is extra. For a shipping estimate go to!3806!3!73733655488!e!!g!!shipping%20calculator&code=SERVICES_Exact&ef_id=VhleHwAAANv2UCKM:20160413154539:s

Our zip code is 98225. Sorry no returns. If you have any issues or questions, email me at

The cost of the bench is $100 and you may use your credit card or PayPal account to purchase it. Just click the Buy Now button below:

Buy Now Button with Credit Cards

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