How to Add on a Beautiful Front Porch to Your House

Here’s my original front porch or should I say front landing. It’s only 4′ x 6′ in size.

The front landing and portico had to be demolished to make room for the new larger front porch.

2016-08-11 09.14.37

Another view of my old front landing being demolished.

2016-08-11 09.14.22

We dug a foundation and used forms to make a solid cement wall for the posts and joists to sit on.

2016-08-11 16.02.36

The foundation has been poured and the ledger board attached to the house.

The porch roof support posts are being attached.

The porch joists have been added and the top horizontal roof support installed.

The roof ledger board has been added.

Now the ceiling joists are installed.

Porch ceiling starting to take shape.

The slanted shed roof and dormer goes on next.

The shed roof and dormer are completed and roof sheathed.

The railing and steps are going in.

Two views of the finished porch.