Bathroom Remodel

I located a piece of granite roughly the right size and had the granite company cut it to size and drill the holes for the sink hot and cold water and the drain. It finished off the top of the cabinet and makes a more durable counter top than the wood cabinet top.

sink & sideboard

The bathroom in my 650 square foot house is small so it didn’t take long to tile the bathroom floor. I painted the walls a light gray color to compliment the gray tile floor. The mirror behind the cabinet slides to one side to provide more storage.

bathroom & sink

I needed storage space in the sink cabinet so I had to keep the drawers usable while bringing the sink plumbing down under the middle of the sink.

sink & sideboard1

I cut out the bottom of the top drawer to create clearance for the plumbing and fabricated walls around the opening so I could still use the drawer.

top drawer

I did the same for the lower drawer.

bottom drawer